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Norman Levy entered liberation politics during the 1940s, finding his niche in the left wing of the liberation movement. As an... Read more
Cocktails of Liberty, the observations and recollections of a student activist at University of Western Cape in 1976, takes the... Read more
A private collection assembled by Bruce Campbell Smith, exhibited at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town in 2004. The... Read more
The document is an important one in the history of South Africa for it tells a story that needs to be told. What is commendably... Read more
This book is the culmination of 10 years of documenting life in the Cape Flats African and Coloured townships of Cape Town by one... Read more
“This book should be seen as an attempt to come to grips with a specific issue that is causing concern in Africa: that of child... Read more
In an effort to alleviate one of the enduring effects of the Apartheid system - the unrelenting poverty in many areas and for... Read more
The First wave of Indian immigrants arrived in South Africa as indentured labourers, followed by a second wave known as Passenger... Read more
Many South Africans are struggling to come to terms with the new conditions in their country, in a world increasingly finding its... Read more
How can social identity formation be understood in terms of poetry and painting? Can it be argued that these signifying practices... Read more
The project consists of a series of five books, Social Identities South Sfrica (SISA), available from April 2001.The demise of... Read more
One of the many issues confronting post – apartheid South Africa is that the cultural expression of its citizens was severely... Read more
"This is a catalogue of work submitted by 58 photographers to the Bonani Africa 2010 Festival of Photography. The exhibition was... Read more