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Hard bound full color 38 page catalog with CD Read more about The Storming: Insurrections Ensemble
Alfred Temba Qabula was a writer, a worker leader and a proud migrant whose Africa was wrecked by capitalism, colonisation and... Read more
This volume of Mafika Pascal Gwala Collected Poems by Mandla Langa and Ari Sitas is an important contribution to restore the... Read more
The bird and the forest fly together. The workers, who have little to control, they find it in the union, they sit up and listen... Read more
This book by the distinguished Anti Apartheid activist Max Coleman is about the Cycle of Life: From birth, survival to... Read more
Michael Kitso Dingake was born in 1928. He joined the ANC in 1952 and served in various capacities in ANC structures.  Dingake... Read more
This book recovers the lost history of colonial Algeria’s communist movement. Meticulously researched – and the only English-... Read more
R180.00 the second daring work from the ensemble that produced Insurrections. This oratio is a collective work... Read more
EXPERIENCE a unique sound! Buy the CD Insurrections, a collection of 11 compositions, the product of a poetry-music collaboration... Read more