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Kora or ǃOra in the language itself, was the Khoisan language spoken by the Khoi herders of the early Cape and the Gariep. It was... Read more
Vespa Diaries started as a scrapbook of impressionist splashes: a journey through the new South Africa, fifteen years after the... Read more
Award-winning photographer, Omar Badsha’s, latest book Seedtimes showcases images from a number of documentary projects he worked... Read more
Stephanie Kemp, She was born in the Karoo in a conservative Afrikaner Nationalists family. After completing her matric in Port... Read more
“The autobiography has as its primary focus political history, in particular the history of the ANC in South Africa and in exile... Read more
This volume of Mafika Pascal Gwala Collected Poems by Mandla Langa and Ari Sitas is an important contribution to restore the... Read more
Alfred Temba Qabula was a writer, a worker leader and a proud migrant whose Africa was wrecked by capitalism, colonisation and... Read more
The bird and the forest fly together. The workers, who have little to control, they find it in the union, they sit up and listen... Read more
This book by the distinguished Anti Apartheid activist Max Coleman is about the Cycle of Life: From birth, survival to... Read more
Michael Kitso Dingake was born in 1928. He joined the ANC in 1952 and served in various capacities in ANC structures.  Dingake... Read more
This book recovers the lost history of colonial Algeria’s communist movement. Meticulously researched – and the only English-... Read more
"Fanele Mbali was swept up in the high-tide of expectations following the 1961 launch of Mkhonto weSizwe (MK). He was among the... Read more
“Dr. A. B. Xuma was the most important black South African leader of the generation before Mandela, Tambo, and Sisulu. He also... Read more
Editor(s): Arianna Lissoni, Jon Soske, Natasha Erlank, Noor Nieftagodien, Omar BadshaContributor(s): Arianna Lissoni, Crain... Read more
Alexander Hepple (1904 - 83) was a Member of Parliament (1948 - 58) and Leader of the South African Labour Party who became the... Read more