We are no longer in France by Allison Drew

This book recovers the lost history of colonial Algeria’s communist movement. Meticulously researched – and the only English-language book on the Parti Communiste Algérien (PCA), it explores the complex relationship between Algeria’s communist and the Algerian nationalist movements.

The analysis is enriched by comparisons with the South African communist movement. During the anti-fascist struggle and the Second World War, the PCA remained close to the French Communist Party. But as the national liberation struggle intensified, the PCA’s concern with political and social justice attracted growing numbers of Muslims. When the Front de Libération Nationale launched armed struggle in November 1954, the PCA maintained its organisational autonomy – despite FLN pressure.

Many Algerian communists participated fully in the national liberation war, facing the French state’s wrath. Independence saw two conflicting socialist visions. While the PCA’s vision incorporated political pluralism and class struggle, the FLN demanded a one-party socialist state. The PCA’s pluralist vision was shattered when it was banned by the one-party state in November 1962.


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