Insurrections II: The Gathering the second daring work from the ensemble that produced Insurrections. This oratio is a collective work generated by performers from India and South Africa using voice, instruments, visuals and poetry. Whereas Insurrections was a response to a sense of outrage in nature and among people in the contemporary world, the new work is a call of hope in the midst of extreme forms of violence and war.

“We refuse to be shards of collateral damage.Despite the fact that we are brokenwe still write, sing and hope”

Drawing from traditions of collective and ensemble work in India and South Africa and refusing to compromise to market and power, the energy of participants will present their oratorio 

Insurrections focused on the fretless instruments that found their timbre and range in: the sarod, the bows, the double-bass .  Mayihlome Awand adds, a sarangi and a range of Southern African strings and guitars.

Featuring: Ahsan Ali, Brydon Bolton, Jurgen Brauninger , Sumangala Damodaran, Sazi Dlamini, Pritam Ghosal, Neo Muyanga, Paki Paleole Tina Schouw,  Ze Maria. Vivek Narayanan, Sabitha Satchi, Ari Sitas, Mbali Vilakazi, Pryia Sen.

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