Insurrections I

EXPERIENCE a unique sound! Buy the CD Insurrections, a collection of 11 compositions, the product of a poetry-music collaboration between Indian and South African artists.It explores the relationship between word, voice, expression and sound around shared social and political concerns between India and South Africa.The artists are well-known musicians, composers and poets from both countries who are masters in their field, featuring artists such as Ari Sitas, Sazi Dlamini, Neo Muyanga, Sumangala Damodaran, Tapan Mullick, Claude Cozens, Tina Schouw and Malika Ndlovu.Produced by South Africa History Online (SAHO) Centre for Humanities Research and University of the Western Cape.Copies of Insurrections are available from South African History Online for R100.00. Please contact SAHO on 021 447 4365/3434 or at a different sound! 

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